Junior Coaching

We have junior tennis on offer for all ages and abilities

Junior Coaching


We have junior tennis on offer for all ages and abilities and follow the Mini Tennis guidelines progressing children through the different balls and sizes of court.

The emphasis is all on fun embedded with learning. All the sessions are progressive, engaging and a combination of teamwork, partner work and solo learning. We have Saturday clubs as well as after school clubs Monday-Wednesday. If you have a small group already or looking for 2:1 or 1:1 lessons we can also accommodate these.

Below are the descriptions for all the different age groups.

  • Tots Tennis

    These sessions are a fantastic way to introduce young children to tennis. Session are packed full of fun ways for children to improve basic agility, balance and coordination, core fundamentals for all sports. They will also learn the basic techniques for forehands, backhands and volleys.

      3-4 years
  • Mini Red Tennis

    An introduction to tennis using light-weight rackets, red balls and a smaller court. An excellent way to develop co-ordination, racket and ball skills and basic stroke technique. Lots of fun games including a selection of activity stations designed to provide a variety of tennis related learning experiences – the emphasis is very much on FUN.

      4-7 years
  • Orange Ball

    For players progressing from mini tennis and have developed their skills sufficiently to move to a full size court with low compression balls. Equipment and court size are adapted to cater for the ability of players. Sessions cover co-ordination and movement, progressive development of the strokes, basic rules and tactics.

      8-9 years
  • Green Ball

    This is aimed for children who are ready to test their skills on a full-size court developing good technique & tactical decision making. Their confidence will grow as they progress through the stages. They'll learn the fair play values of tennis as well – these encourage good behaviour and sportsmanship.

      10-12 years
  • Teen Tennis

    Tennis coaching designed specifically for Teens, which provides social, fitness, and learning opportunities. Lessons follow a Games-Based Approach and are intended to attract and retain teenagers in the game.

      12-16 years

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Terms and conditions

All courses should be booked and paid for in advance online prior to entering the session. A credit note will be issued if more than one session in any complete course has to be cancelled due to inclement weather and no refunds are to be given. Please note due to COVID we will not be offering refunds or exchanges for courses in 2020 as we have to adhere to strict government guidelines and planning regulations.

All tennis coaches are qualified LTA registered or licensed coaches. Emma Wells Tennis reserves the right to cancel courses which are under-subscribed up to 7 days before the start of the course.

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Up to date information as to how the coronavirus (Covid-19) and the latest government advice around it, relates to tennis activities in Britain and all those involved in delivering them.

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