Tennis FAQs

Tennis FAQs

  • I don’t know my level can I try?

As a junior you may come and join the program as a one off session for free, but please contact in advance to arrange this. Adults please book onto the course that we have recommended or that you see most fit for you; if you need to move to another course as recommended by the coach, that will be absolutely fine.

  • What happens if it’s raining?

We play on in light rain and are an outdoor, floodlit venue. The surface is sand based astro turf which means it does not get slippy and also does not ice over so we can play on in most conditions. We will let you know 60 minutes before if there is any change of the session time or cancellation, but if you do not hear anything, the session will be going ahead.

  • What do I need to bring to the Signature 10-3pm summer camp?

Please bring a racket if you own one, a cap, a waterproof jacket, lunch and snacks (nut free in case of allergies)

  • Do you have indoor space if it rains?

We have a gazebo and other indoor spaces to carry out rainy day activities in case of inclement weather. We will very rarely cancel sessions.

  • Can my child have fun in tennis AND learn?

Absolutely, we focus on gamification as our main teaching style to allow a learning platform to absorb all the technical and tactical information that tennis brings in a fun way. We do not have a queue of children practicing the perfect swing as it is not relatable to understanding the game itself, however we will spend time with the children DEVELOPING their swings and physical skills on the court.

  • Do you stop for winter?

Absolutely not, we are a year round program down at Wimbledon Park. In the winter the temperatures do get a little crisper so please come to practice adequately dressed with gloves, a hat and warm clothes if necessary.

  • My child is doesn’t know anyone, will they make friends on sessions/camps?

Absolutely! One of our 3 key philosophies is ‘Team Skills’ so if children do not know anyone we will always integrate them together and they will be part of our thriving tennis community in no time.

  • Where can I get a red cap and t-shirt?

We sell the t-shirts at after school clubs and Saturday mornings. Please contact a coach in red and they will be able to coordinate this for you.

In our association with Adidas, you can also access our club store by clicking here

  • Where do I start with buying a tennis racket?

One of our main sponsors is Wilson who are one of the most established racket brands in the world. Contact us for recommendations or if you are unsure of size and weight of junior or adult rackets.

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Terms and conditions

All courses should be booked and paid for in advance online prior to entering the session. Please include an information on health issues and learning disabilities during the booking process and email us so we can help with your booking.
I will program is in line with local school term times with our Saturday program included too. This is usually 13 to 14 weeks from the point of signing up. If you book after the term commences, you will only pay for the remaining sessions.
Warming up:
we recommend warming up before the session start, so you or your child are ready to play. A suitable warmup could be as simple as jogging and cycling to the courts.
For courses/holiday camps we would require 7 days' notice in order to issue a credit in your account for future bookings. For private lessons, there is a 48-hour change policy. If cancelled within this time period no credits or refunds will be given. If you/your child are injured, please provide a medical note deeming unfit to play, and we will credit your session/course to your designated Court Reserve account. While we will always offer credit notes classes are non-refundable.
Emma Wells Tennis reserves the right to cancel courses which are undersubscribed. In such cases we will try to offer for the participants to join other courses/sessions. The club will ensure that in the event of a cancellation participants are appropriately informed and credited when necessary.
Company Rain policy:
All sessions carry on unless notified by the coaching team 60 mins prior to the session where a decision will be made if the courts are unplayable. In this event a credit note will be issued. No refunds are to be given.